The Playground Ensemble

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Welcome to the Playground Ensemble's CoCoCo submission page! 

Open to: Colorado residents and students at Colorado academic institutions, with a special division for K-12 students.


Chosen submissions by both adult and youth composers will be performed and recorded at the Playground’s CoCoCo concert on 4/13/19*.  

One adult piece will be selected as the winning composition**.  

  • The composer of the winning piece will receive a $500 commission for a new work for the Playground to be premiered during our ’19-‘20 season.  
  • The winning piece will also be performed at the Abundant Silence New Works concert on 5/11/19 (   
  • The composer of that piece will have the opportunity to become a "composer member" of Abundant Silence, and have both their winning piece and their commissioned piece published by Abundant Silence.   

One K-12 piece will be selected as the winning youth composition. 

  • The winning youth composition will also be performed at the Abundant Silence New Works concert on 5/11/19 (  

Submission requirements

  • Composers may submit up to two scores, duration 3-12 minutes (K-12 duration 2-12 minutes), for any combination of the following: 1 flute/piccolo/alto flute, 1 clarinet/bass clarinet, 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 2 percussion, 1 soprano or mezzo-soprano voice, 1 piano, electronics***. 
  • Works for one performer will not be considered.  Works for a single live performer plus electronics are allowed. 
  • Submitted scores and parts must be anonymous: NO identifying information, including the filenames!!
  • Recordings are optional, but strongly recommended.  A MIDI recording is preferable to no recording. 
  • Deadline: 2/1/19 (Notification of selection starting by 3/1/19)
  • Fee: OPTIONAL $15 contribution through Colorado Gives to help defray CoCoCo costs (click on the link in the submittable form, or use the Colorado Gives donate button on The Playground web site).

*Audio and video recordings of the performance may be used by the Playground for promotional materials. 

** The Playground reserves the right not to select a winning piece if so desired.

***For works using electronics, the Playground will provide 2 channel stereo playback, from CD or laptop.  For any other needs the composer may be responsible for providing equipment. 

IF YOU ARE AN ADULT COMPOSER (including college students), 

please click on the orange "submit" button next to "CoCoCo 13" below.   


please click on the orange "submit" button next to "Youth CoCoCo 13" below.